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Frequently Asked Questions

It is sent by The United States Post Office (USPS). Please no PO Boxes. There is an outside box to protect the inside Gift Box. Each Gift Box is shipped traceable and insured under USPS: “if it fits, it ships” standards. Shipping is included in the Gift Box Price.

We fill the Gift Box with quality handmade, and retail products according to the Gift Box(es) which you choose. All items are machine washable and durable.

The Premiere Box features more gifts, more options, and more love. The Premiere Box allows you to choose more of the same type of box items, or to choose a second selection. This increases the number, variety, and quality of the gifts sent to your loved one. The Signature Box is $49.95 and the Premiere Box is $89.95.

A subscription is not required; however, if you would like to send a recurring box we may set this up automatically, just email the details to [email protected].

100 % customer satisfaction and guarantee. 

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